Sutton 4 Sanctuary at the Environmental Fair

Sutton 4 Sanctuary will be at the Environmental Fair in Carshalton Park on Bank Holiday Monday 27 August 2018.

We will have a joint stall with Sutton for Peace & Justice at stall K03 and K04. Visit us to speak to members and find out about Sutton 4 Sanctuary and the issues that we are campaigning on.

Throughout the day at the stall Sutton for Peace & Justice will be hosting ‘The Colloquium in Carshalton Park’ – a series of informal and open discussions on a range of peace and justice issues. Please come along and hear about these important issues, have your say and join the debate:

11.30 Refugees welcome here
Helping refugees find a welcome and establish a new home in Sutton.

12.00 The plight of Palestinians today
Human rights violations and house demolitions in the occupied territories.

12.30 Injustice by a thousand cuts
The importance of an effectively functioning justice system.

13.00 Stop war – stop the arms trade
Military investment and the arms trade encourages war – it should be stopped.

14.00 Refugees welcome here – as 11.30.

14.30 The plight of Palestinians today – as 12.00.

15.00 Injustice by a thousand cuts – as 12.30.

15.30 Stop war – stop the arms trade – as 13.00.

Colloquium – an informal gathering for the exchange of views, from the latin ‘to talk together’; a seminar usually led by a different academic or expert speaker at each meeting.


Message from the Mayor of Denver

One of our members saw Mayor Hancock of Denver City USA on Newsnight talking about refugees and was so impressed that she sent his office the following e-mail:

I saw Mayor Hancock on BBC Newsnight last night and I strongly agree with the humanitarian policies on illegal immigrants, inclusivity and keeping families together that the Mayor talked about. Here in my London Borough we are hoping to become a Borough of Sanctuary.

She received the following reply:

Thank you for your email.

No community should be punished for the failures of the federal government to pass needed immigration reform. Unfortunately, the President’s Executive Orders are reckless, lead to confusion and create fear in our communities.

Denver’s number one priority is the safety, health and wellbeing of everyone who lives in our city. Denver Police do not and will not enforce federal immigration laws, and Denver Sheriffs do not and will not detain people without a warrant. Denver will never violate the rights of our people – immigrant or not. And this Executive Order will not change that. If being a sanctuary city means that we value taking care of one another and welcome refugees and immigrants, then Washington can label us whatever they want. If being a sanctuary city means families and young DREAMers live with hope and not fear, then we welcome the title. If being a sanctuary city means that our law enforcement officers are expected to do the work of federal immigration authorities or violate the constitutional rights of any of our people. We reject that.

We have a history of being a city of opportunity for everyone, and we assure you, we have every intention of maintaining our character.

Team Hancock (Mayor of Denver)